What is KidMeasure?

It's a simple home measuring device that records your child's height with professional accuracy. With KidMeasure, you can stop marking up walls and door jambs and keep a neat, permanent and accurate measure of your child’s growth. The KidMeasure includes:

  • A mountable frame with a sliding attachment
  • Inch and metric measure
  • Adjustable date stamp

KidMeasure is fun, easy and accurate!


Why Kid Measure?

It’s fun and useful to keep a visual record of your child’s height. But the pencil-marks-in-the doorway method is messy, inaccurate and gone if you have to paint the room or move. KidMeasure mounts easily on the wall or door without tools.

A sliding attachment moves up and down and holds an adjustable date stamp so you can keep a permanent record of your child’s height. Just like at the doctor’s office, but without the cost and hassle of a visit.