Here is what KidMeasure users say:

  • “Great idea. We're going to put one in my
    son's room and one in my daughter's

    Lynn, mother of 3-year old
    and 5-year old

  • We put KidMeasure on the wall in less
    than 5 minutes - super easy.

    - Clay, uncle of 12-year old and
    14-year old

  • “It's nice to have a record of how my
    children are growing...
    we'll save it for them!”

    - Sergio, father of 7-year old and
    8-year old

  • “I want to measure everything!”

    6-year old Liliana

  • "Last year, my son was one of the shortest
    in his class. This year, he's shot up and
    he's enjoying recording his progress
    with KidMeasure.

    Amanda, mother of 12-year-old Evan

  • "My four-year-old is too squirmy to be measured accurately at the doctor's office. Luckily, we can track her growth with KidMeasure at home."

    Maria, mother of a pre-schooler, Inez

  • "My husband and I are both all thumbs, but we had no trouble hanging KidMeasure in both our children's rooms."

    - Suzanne

  • "I like that KidMeasure shows
    how tall I really am!"

    - 6-year old Scott

  • "My grandkids are always are
    always competing to see who's
    taller. I bought each a KidMeasure
    and now we know exactly to the

    - Victor, grandfather of five